Home beta network error
  • So I was lucky enough to get a beta invite. I downloaded it, installed, accepted ToS, but when I try to connect I get a generic network error and it says to try again in a few minutes or restart the system. Neither works. I am connected fine otherwise, to PSN, etc...

    Any suggestions? Possibly my router is old and Home needs IP fragmenting?

  • You may have been running into server problems on Sony's end, in which case it would be completely out of your control to fix. I would suggest maybe giving your router a power cycle to see if this may help.
  • hey i also have been invited and having simalir issuies with the home beta and my router is in exelent condotion also ive reset it and still nothing so if u know what to do please help
  • If you are sure it isn't a settings problem on your end the only thing you can do is wait until later to do the download- the server handing the data out may be getting overloaded with requests.