playstation network LAG!!
  • hi i have a 40 gb ps3. I have had it for around 8 months and every now and then it would lag. So then i bought a new N router and the router is right beside my ps3. The first day it was lag free. then after a couple of days i became super laggy in games (CALL OF DUTY 4). there is never a time i am not laggy. i have a shaw highspeed internet and all my computers are super fast when i go on internet. (when i play ps3 i turn off all computers) so i then i tried wired connection but it still lagged so i called shaw and they said they ran tests and my internet was perfectly fine, and it was possibly the ps3. if anyone could help on how to solve my lag problem, if its because of my ps3? or is there some things i can do to fix this.
  • Go into your router settings and do a bit of tweaking, if you haven't yet. The most common solution is to do port forwarding. You'll find the ports needed as well asa link to a site that tells how to get to this section of the router throughout the PS3 Console section.