• :ph34r: waddup all!? i was just wandering bout sometin on the ps2 . what is it when it says corrupted data and has the lil blue icon when you go into your memory thanks all later :ph34r:
  • Well this isnt a problem because I have had these a lot. I have seen this after downloading files from a OPM dvd and also from taking pictures in MGS2. So I wouldnt worry about it. Just that it cant read it proberly so it tiltes it as corrupted datq but it might be something else like the examples I gave you.
  • Yeah, i haven't had this problem much but it could just be a bad save.....you may want to delete that save and save the game again if possible but if the game loads then it's like Badboy said, sometimes the PS2 just has trouble identifying for the save.....You shouldn't have too much trouble with corrupted data though. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
  • hi..
    hmmm... i had it once... the game was being saved and the light went out...man that is sooo rare... and the game i was saving... gt3... it was corrupted.. it said data corrputed.. and it wouldn`t load.. thats why i had to start a new game.. all over...
  • Chances are it may just be data that can only be read by certain games (as badboy suggested with the pictures in MGS2).If it isn't taking up much space on the card I would just leave it for now.
  • ive got a saved game of resident evil outbreak part 2 and it wont let me load it and it wont let me save i i cant even think of a way to format it as i cant delete the save...anyideas???
  • There is only one way I can think of in regards to formatting your memory card.
    I've got Actiona Replay MAX for the PS2 and one the options is Memory Manager. Within Memory Manager you are able to transfer filoes between memory cards AND a USB memory stick. You can, however, also Format your memory cards. Make sure you copy things you want to keep to another memory card or a USB memory stick first though because, like when formatting things on a PC, once you've formatted the memory card you'll lose EVERYTHING on the memory card whether there was anything you wanetd to keep or not.

    Oh in regards to some corrupted files. I've really only had that problem with my Action Replay MAX codelist. My PS2 doesn't recognise it so says it's corrupted data, but my Action Replay MAX disc recognises it fine.

    Hope that helps, people.