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    I am hoping to host a pro evo tournament and was wondering if there was any way to link 4 PS2's so that I can utilise the league/cup function on Pro Evo 2008 so that the format of the tournament is already worked out, and so that all the fixtures and results are recorded by the game itself. I have 4 TV's and 4 copies of the same game but I dont know what hardware to buy in order to make this work.

    My initial idea was to have 16 players, 4 on each TV playing each other once then going through to a knock-out phase. Is it possible to play separate matches on each TV with the result then being recorded on the league or will I have to record all the games myself??

  • It would be easiest to simply write down the brackets yourself and record the games- to my knowledge Pro Evo 2008 does not support LAN play.