ps3 account, help!
  • need to change account information on my ps3, but can't remember my password, help please
  • You should have an "forgot my password" type link on the PSN log in- click that, answer the security question you had set up and they will e-mail the password to the address on the account.
  • lyndon, one problem, the account info i need to change is my e-mail, which i cannot access due to incompatibility with ps3 browser. sorry, i was really new to the ps3 when i set up my account, i'm in a real pickle here. if it helps, my old e-mail was through yahoo. i don't own a computer either, so any changes i make will have to go through my playstation is there a way to delete all account info and start over? even tried formatting hard drive, to no evail.
  • You can delete your user and start completely over, making a new name under a new e-mail address. This may affect some of your purchased games, however, so i would suggest make a new username but leave the present name there so that your PSN purchases aren't completely gone to waste.