• hi...
    i just wanted to know.. that if i buy today a gameshark 2 of ps2... will it work on gta vice city and smackdown 4 and other coming games? becouse i heard that newer versions keep on coming and newer games don`t work on older versions... i wanted to ask this what i wrote all over and that for how many months after does a new version of gameshark come? 2-3 months how... and is gameshark really worth it? just tell me these thing and any other info you know and if you don`t please ask someone...please.this is really important..
    one thing... that if i buy a gameshark for ps2 then i won`t have to worry about anything else?.. just check the codes from the net enter them and will they work even for the games coming 1-2 years later.. is it true..?

    if it is then its great... and is it worth it? (64.99 $)

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  • As far as I know all you need to to with the older version is input the codes manually. The newer version will should have the codes for the games you mentioned already loaded in. But everything should work just fine.
  • This question has been answered before for you Wasif. Please check your other GS thread to find the answer. Also, please refrain from making multiple threads about the same question. Well, i hope that you all enjoy posting and have fun gaming.
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