• i'm an internet junkie, but i've found the ps3 browser lacking, compatibility issues, mainly, it the browser is not compatible with a growing number of web sites. i don't own a computer, so my playstation is my only link to the web. i've heard the yellow dog software could be one solution, but don't have a way to download it directly to the 10 gb of memory i have set aside for it. any ideas would be appreciated.
  • I would get a friend/ relative to download the installer and burn it onto disc for you so that you could do the install. While the Yellow Dog Linux would be one solution I do suggest caution before making that jump. Linux can sometimes be a tricky beast as some programs require more "hands-on" in the coding on com and line level to install things and if you aren't exactly sure what you are doing it can easily mess up. Definitely read up on it as much as you can before making the decision.

    Myself, i would go for getting an actual computer and leave the PS3 as is.