live chat room
  • does anybody use the live chat on this site? it's the only live chat i've found for playstation 3, but when i go there, nobody's there. is there a more popular live chat?
  • iv been in their but every time i go in their nobodys their so i dont go their anymore and i dont no any other live chat rooms for ps3 on here
  • When, or if, we ever get the LiveChat nights back on track you'll find a reasonable amount of us in there to talk too.
  • compatibility issues? rob
  • The last few times we tried doing a Live Chat the set time was posted for days yet no one would show up. Admittedly, it's hard to find a time that is good for all considering the member base is world wide. One of these times we'll get ourselves together for a session or maybe even get another Live Help Weekend on the go.
  • hows work at virgin doing mate? ill be leaving O2 soon but enjoyed my breif time in tle communications.
  • Things are moving along nicely there. They keep hiring more people on so they must be expecting things to be very busy (no surprise with the holiday shopping coming up). So far I would have to say it's been a good move on my part to jump from my previous employers to the center.

    Considering this is more about the site's chat room and just general gabbing I'll set this in the General Discussion area.
  • most of the time I go to live chat no ones there. Some times theres gise that are there but when im talking there not reply shss my life is bad
  • I do I will be on the there now or later meet me on there. if you wont