change online id, help
  • how do i change my online id?
  • You can't change your PSN ID- it's permanent. You would have to set up a new one using a different e-mail address.
  • If I make a new account is there anyway that my friends and game trophys and other misc stuff can be copied or just to be transferred to the new account?
  • You would have to re-add your friends to that new ID and the trophies earned are tied to the PSN they were put on- they can't be transferred.

    Most game saves should be able to be moved onto the new ID to avoid losing progress and, as long as you keep your original ID on the system, any store purchases can be accessed by the new name as well.
  • Hi Lyndon,

    I set up a Playstation Network account for my son, but instead of using a user name that he would want to use, I used mine...which is embarrasing for him..
    I have read a LOT of threads..
    If I set up a sub account for him.. can you/sony change his name to the master account, and if not, can I transfer his tropies,etc to his sub account?
    Thanks for your help....
    Stressed out Mom on this one.. LOL
  • I'm afraid the trophies that were earned on your name will remain there- Sony doesn't transfer these. We also have no say here as we are not a part of Sony- completely independent site here that happened to name its forums "PlayStation Network" before Sony unveiled that as the official name for their service.

    Best I can suggest is set up a second user name as a master account (there's no limit other than number of e-mail addresses and disc space) and sign it up for PSN for your son to play under.