• Okay I got the lighting sword and the spear but I am stuck on getting the tird weapon, and I need to get it to get past the wave shield that is blocking my path. It is at the first mantion like at the begining in the first Onmushia. Also what is the secret to the puzzle thing where it says 15 at the top and you have to place numbers in diffent sections. I think I did it right and it added them up to 15 by going diagonaly on both sides but nothing happened. Also I need a key to go in a door.
    i think Jubie samanoske could help me.
  • Im not sure where you are but as far as the 15 puzzle, they need to add up to 15 horizontal,vertical and diaganal.
  • WEll fireman is right about the puzzle. YOu have to make it add up to 15 in every direction. As for gettting the thrid weapon. I don't really understand where you are, but you don't get the third weapon at the mansion that's in the first onimusha. The third weapon is obtained after that. So you simply need to find that key. Have you searched every puzzle chest. THe key may be in this puzzle you are referring to. I can't remember off hand. You said that you had the thunder sword and the ice spear is that right? The next weapon comes along just before you enter the fog woods......(don't remember exact name). Well, you need to find the two pieces of elephant mask, and insert them in the door that lead to the demon world inthe first onimusha. This will trigger an event with oyu, and allow you to continue through the door that was blocked off. But, before you enter this door, I suggest you heal and stock up on medicines. THe next fight you can't win, but you have to last so long and do a tiny bit of damage to trigger another event. Key on this fight is to block a lot and only use power moves, cuz, anyother move will not work. Hope this helps. If you need more help, just pm me or you can post here again. Good Luck