psn account probs
  • hi ive been trying to purchase burnout from psn store for the last couple of weeks but when i get to pay screen it says service temparary not working and now if i go into billing info it comes up with an error code after entering my password its been like this for a while now i have 2 ps3s and never had this prob before ive always bought from psn store and downloaded to both systems fine even though they are in different account holders or could this be the problem sharing my downloads all my freinds dont have this problem now im worried sony has killed my account or is there a problem their end its been almost 3 weeks like this and its a pain strange thing is i can still download demos and free stuff and play online but cant buy on my accounts does any body have this prob and have they any knolege off why this error code appears (80023102)
  • One thing I would suggest is going over the info you have regarding how funds are added to your wallet. If you had been using a prepaid cc like Entropay to do this, Sony put the blocks to that a while back.

    You may want to contact Sony's tech support about this one as it does sound like a problem on their end, going by what i found on a quick search for the error.