• Hi

    All i have is about 2GB left on my PS3 and i badly need the memory do you think it would be wise for me to upgrade my hardrive? I dont have any music or videos on it just a few pictures so i know i wont need an an external hardrive for them except to back my data up.

  • Considering most games are requiring a mandatory install for data it would be a good idea to do an upgrade. It was especially needed for me as I had one of the original 20 GB drives there (which actually gave me about 17 GB of space after formatting).

    Any 2.5" SATA notebook computer hard drive will fit the bill but make sure it's at a 5400 RPM speed- that's what the PS3 uses. Faster speeds may result in a bit of extra heat and power consumption. The drive is easily replaced but just be very careful of the screws on the drive tray- mine were extra tight and seem to be of soft metal, not very good quality. You may need to keep some pliers nearby if you strip the head or do what i did- contact Sony for a replacement drive tray. Then I just put the new drive on this and did a straight swap.

    The drive will automatically format itself for PS3 use when you restart the PS3. As for backing stuff up before doing the swap, all you really need to grab is your game saves- anything from the store can be re-downloaded from the store again via your download history and the game data will need to re-install again.