Getting the PS3 Online- Some Tips
  • Been a lot of people having trouble with tweaking their settings to get the PS3 online so I figured best to stick this up for people to check out.

    Whether going wired or wireless, if connecting via a router one thing that will need to be done is "port forwarding". This is opening up specific "ports" in the router itself to allow the online traffic through. For those needing a bit of guidance on doing this I recommend the site Port Forward. They give step-by-step instructions on how to get to the forwarding section of many brands/ models of router along with how to enter the numbers. Speaking of which, here are the ports specifically needing to be opened for the PlayStation Network:

    TCP [B]Ports
    : 80, 443, 5223, and 10070 - 10080
    UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658, 10070, and 50100Now, some games also need certain other ports other than these- most times they are listed in the game manual (pays to read them after all). If your game does need this extra port, simply go in as you did before and add it in. When checking out the Port Forward site, do not look for the specific game you are doing this for- instead, simply look for "PlayStation Network" among the list of games/ programs to do this for.

    Once all of the forwarding is done you may need to "power cycle" the router- this is a simple unplugging of the power cord from the router for 30 seconds to 1 minute then plug it in again.

    Something else that can help get your PS3 to work well with the router is the "Mac Address Filtering". The Mac Address is sort of an ID tag to identify the device to the router. All routers have a list that these addresses can be added to and be an exclusive list of who's allowed to use the net connection. The path to it varies from router to router- check through the manual found on the install disc with the router. As for the PS3's MAC Address, you can find this by going to the Settings menu, down to System Settings and select "System Information". The number will look like 6 pairs of letters/ numbers separated by dashes. Once you find this and get to the proper section in the router simply add the PS3's address to the list and save the settings.

    I'll be adding to this as I go. This should help with some of the more common problems that have been cropping up.[/b]
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