PS3 Getting back on line.
  • Hello Gods of all knowledge of PS3! I have a PS3 I bought a year ago its the 80 gig backwards compatable one. I finally tried hooking it up to the internet, it took a few trys by going to internet conections and clicking on differnet settings and making sure everything said either automatic, or enable. I had no idea what I was doing but some how I got connected! I impressed myself. And my wife, cause everybody knows, I know nothing about computers. Im 46 and I had the first "Pong" game on the block. Anyways enough history on me. As I was saying I was hooked up I downloaded 4 games and played on line "Warhawk". I heard a guy through my TV telling me to switch to the Blue Team, I could not figure it out quick enough so he started yelling at me,.. I yelled back at my TV, thinking he heard me. I had no idea I needed a headset. So he booted me from his room. I rush out to get a head set at walmart I come back and I no longer am connected. I was on for 2 days without turning my PS3 off. I went back to network settings and I have tried everthing to get back on and even my wife who is a puter geek cant figure it out. We have wireless in our house, so I hit that button, I hit "scan" the "SSID" came up with our network "peanut0303...." It shows 100% signal strength. when the WLAN Security Setting comes up we have hit both "NONE and "WEB" and entering the web key. We then hit "Automatic" for the IP setting. then we hit "DO NOT SET" and then we use all the Automatic settings. then hit "enable" Then we hit the test button and always get a failed IP address. We even have tried "linkses" which has at least 65% signal strenth. But I still can not get connected. I have tried over a week and ready to give up. Will you PLEASE help me. I need to be walked through step by step. Thank you so much!!
  • First I would make sure you select the correct setting for the Security- when you scan for the network it will tell you whether the connection is encrypted. If it says "none" you do not need to enter a key, this is just confusing the system. Don't bother using the "linkses" connection, that sounds like you found a neighbor's wireless.

    Some other things I would suggest are entering as much information manually as you can (Ip address of your router, the DNS servers, subnet mask) into the PS3's connection settings. All of this can be found within the router itself on a summary/ connection page. If your router has the capability it would also be an idea to have the router reserve a specific IP address just for the PS3 and have that in the settings as well. Again, this is something the wife may know better about considering your self-professed lack of computer knowledge.