Need some help for streaming to PS3 from my laptop
  • My name is Ananth and I need some of your expertise. I have a HP laptop and I have a PS3. That is all. I want to stream music/videos from my laptop to PS3. I have searched the internet and I know that I either need WMP 11 or Nero Media Home to act as a media server to stream. I already have nero on my laptop and that is not a problem. My question is
    1. Do I need a router?
    2. If so, then I dont want my PS3 to go to the internet. My laptop is wired to the internet (a cable modem). I only want to stream, in this case I still need a router right?
    3. What net gear router do I need to get for a wireless connection at home?
    4. In my opinion, I can wire the PS3 and the router and then go wireless from my laptop to the router for streaming. Will this work?

    Please let me know what a I need to do to get this done. I have a truckload of media in my laptop and ext HDD and I have my PS3 wired to my hi-fi (Marantz amp and Jamo speakers). It is waiting to be tapped, I know you can help me and I want to get this done.

  • Also please tell me which net gear router I need to buy. I intend to primarily stream mp3s and avi files not generally HD. So what mbps rate do I need for good performance?

  • Any wireless G router will fit the bill nicely for the media streaming. If you just want to go wired, however, that shouldn't be a problem if you have an extra ethernet port to go out from the laptop to the PS3 (if you do have this you may not even need the router).

    Regarding your idea listed in #4, I do not believe this would work. You would need your feed going into the WAN port of the router from your laptop but then the PS3 could do the streaming either wired or via wi-fi.
  • Lyndon,
    Thanks for the reply but I am still a little confused.
    First up, my PS3 and laptop are quite separate, so I cannot afford meters of ethernet cable. So a wired idea would not suit.

    Now my idea #4 would not work is what you are saying. So what should I do - connect my laptop to the router and then PS3 seeks out that access point and then the laptop streams to the PS3 right?
    Now in that case I dont want my PS3 to go to the internet and I already have my laptop connected to a cable modem (a broadband connection in India). So how do I do this. I guess I have to connect the modem to my router and then router to my laptop right. Is there no other way? Please help me out with a little more details.

    Why would idea 4 not work? How does it matter who is wired to the router - laptop or PS3. Is there an option where nothing is wired to the router? Please let me know.

    Also is 54Mbps router good enough for streaming without stutter. I was planning on buying the Net Gear router. I only need a router and no modem. So I guess the WGR614 is good enough. Please let me know all information.

  • The PS3 needs that internet connection to do the streaming so you will need to get the PS3 online- no way around it. I'm curious as to why you don't want the PS3 online as you only make it easier to get firmware updates with it online as well as miss out on some of the better games available on the PlayStation Store and other features.

    Having the wireless router sharing the net will also let you take the laptop around the house with you- you would not to leave it wired. The only cable going into the router would be the one from the modem going into the WAN port. The router you are looking at there would do the job nicely.
  • Sorry to keep bugging you with this.
    But I want to steam media from my laptop to the PS3 (so that I can hear stuff that is stored as mp3, flacs etc on my hi-fi which is a marantz/jamo combination and see videos on my LCD TV that is connected to the PS3). I dont want to stream stuff from my PS3 to the laptop.

    The only reason I dont want to get to the internet is because of virus. Is it safe? I am just a little scared. If that is not a problem then I can go with your suggestion - hook my cable modem onto the router and then connect wirelessly to the router from my laptop and PS3 right?

    Please confirm my understanding. Any other PS3 stuff that I need to be aware of or is it easy to configure? Thanks for all the help sir !
  • Your PS3 is perfectly fine online- there are no virii/ trojans written specifically for it. If anything, your laptop would be the thing to worry about (the virus writers looooooove windows). Still, if you are careful about where you surf and keep the antivirus up to date on it you will be fine.

    I understand the direction you are wanting to go with the streaming. Thing is, the wi-fi connection of the router is needed along with the internet connection to get the traffic both ways (streaming to the PS3 as well as sending the command back to the laptop to play/ pause/ skip/ etc.).
  • OK, Lyndon.
    I will do what you say. So what I need to do is
    1. Wire my cable modem to the router
    2. Wire my laptop to the router
    3. Wireless from router to PS3
    4. Stream using WMP 11 or Nero or TVersity

    Any set up related information on the PS3, please let me know.

    Thanks for all your help.
  • You don't need to wire the laptop to the router- it can connect to it wirelessly also if it has a wi-fi card built in.

    When setting up the PS3's connection setting, try to put as much information in as possible- this will include the router's IP address, the DNS servers and the subnet mask. You'll be able to find all of this within the router's settings pages. You will also likely need to do some port forwarding- check the thread I pinned to the top of this section for some details there.
  • Thanks a ton Lyndon !
    All is well now. I am streaming audio/video from laptop to PS3 wirelessly using Tversity. Howver my laptop and router are WIRED, I believe there is a problem due to my ISP (some dynamic vs static IP crap!!). But that is not a problem for me.

    I am right now trying my best to make sure SHN and FLAC can stream too. Done with FLAC but SHN still having some problems but I can take care of that.

    Tons of thanks for all your help and patience.