As a NRUTO Fan
  • No complaints Really, NARUTO ULTIMATE NINJA STORM is the best Naruto game ever made, and i hope they keep it up and make another like it.
    Just one thing though In the story mode or flashbacks, of the original series story, i'm about to finish the flashback, i'm in doing the "Chasing Saske Arc" and i've yet to see the possession mode of Gara or Super Choji, I'll will definitely keep on playing to see if they're available, cause there's a diifferent version of Saske in the the game where his awakening mode is the sharingan, so maybe there are different modes 4 Choji and Gara, i really Hope so because why extend the story to season six(episode 136), and not have those characters, i mean Possession mode Gara is Awesome.
    But on The real this game was perfectly made, there are no complaints about the game itself just of the choices of characters and other stuff, Even people who are not NARUTO fans or have even seen many episodes have bought this game, good Job to the teams behind this one and thank you very much