• I have tried to create an account to get online with my PS3 and soon as i get to the screen where you type in a username and password i do that and then go to next screen and it closes down and says something like connection failed and then comes up with an error code. i also created an account on the playstation site then tried to log on that way and the same error message appeared. I am using a router and plugging the ethernet cable directly into the back of the PS3.

    Can anyone help
  • You should set up the PS3's connection to the net first before working on the PSN name. Go down to Network Settings and go through the process, adding what info you can regarding the particular settings (most of which can be found within the router settings itself on the PC). Once you have that done and working I would suggest doing some port forwarding- I've listed the ports the PS3 needs along with linked to a site that gives the how-to for port forwarding in the pinned thread at the top of this section. It should help you out.