• I just got done with my third game of gta3 and something funny happened to me with a police car I was trying to jack.

    I was on my last mission. ( saving maria at the dam ) I had just left
    the mansion to get to the dam when I decided to jack a police car to get there faster.... Anyway when I opened the passenger door the police office didn't get out! It was soooooooooo funny!!!!! It was so strange... I was trying to drive off but the cop was still driving the car.....then he stopped and got out to run around the police car and I then ran him over!! :lol: :lol:
    I couldn't believe that happened......:lol:

    Has this happened to anyone else besides me??



  • This has happend to me before i as driveing around and i stold a car but i was driveing and the dude he was sitting beside me !
  • That sort of happened to me too...

    I was going on a wild goose chase with the maffias and I accidentally ramed against a police car, suprisingly, there were no stars that popped out
  • something like that happened to me. After getting 6 stars and reaching my hideout i grabbed the five stars that were there and an FBI car was right behind me. The driver got out and started after me (just the driver), so i lured him away from the car then ran back and stole it. The other 3 guys just sat there until i ran over a few pedestrians, then my wanted level hit 2 stars, the car stopped on its own and the 3 FBI guys got out and immediately started filling my car with holes. The car exploded before i could even get the door open.
    The explosion killed the FBI guys too. They really should program some brains into those guys.

    Um, hey, why aren't there any female cops? :huh:
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