Pro Evolution 2009 Ps3 Goes Slow
  • Hello people

    I wanted to ask if it also happened to you when you played ps3 new pro 2009 and sometimes when you switched on your tv with your hdmi cable it becomes slow the gameplay...suddenly some games I feel it gets slow you don't actually notice it buy you can feel it, what i did was i just switched in my tv from HSMI1 (Channel) To lets say TV channel, then changed again to HDMI1 ( where the ps3 is connected to the tv), then it became fast again.

    tackles and funs faster suddenly, a whole total gameplay than it is when it is slow..some games I play with my friends and we just don't score no goals..and we don't know why but we feel down, and i realized that there is a major problem in this game that it becomes slow sudenly sometimes not always.

    If someone has a tip or something that can fix this problem so I wont have to notice always when it plays fast or slow and change channels.

    Thanks for your help

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