Call of Duty: World at War online
  • Purchased Call of Duty today, the single game player is fine. But as I went to use online, it proceeds to sit saying "downloading game settings..." from anything between 60 - 120 seconds. Then when selecting what type of game I searched for it takes a while to find the game, and finally when it does, it puts me in a game on my own. It leaves me sat in that room for over 5 minutes, until I quit as no one is joining the games. I try to repeat this over and over yet it never goes into a game. There are over 80,000 people apparently online but no one seems to be joining games.
    I was just wondering if this was something a lot of people are experiencing and whether there is a way to fix this.
  • You may need to check some settings in your connection, ranger, specifically for port forwarding. The pinned thread in this section should help.
  • plus the servers all all screwed up