psx display problem
  • hi

    been wanting to play ff7 for a while so I dug up my old playstation, hooked it up and it turns on, however there is something wrong with it.

    When I turn it on with the lid open, it loads up to the screen for accessing the memory card and cd player but the colours seem fine, but the text doesn't display right. It all shows up as vertical bars like this: |||||||||||||||

    When i try to load the game, all the pictures etc are showing up as vertical bars too.

    has anyone ever come across anything like this before? or has any suggestions on how to fix it?
  • It most likely is a sign of old age catching up on the system- the system just won't quite get the display correct.

    At this point you may be better off picking up an inexpensive PS2 (or if feeling a bit more flush a PS3)- they will both play the PSOne games with no problems.