• Hi guis! I was wondering how i learn too tune the cars the right way, i'v just cleard C,B,A and now i' m in S. Having trubble whith the new tuning

    Best regards
  • All I can suggest is keep making small tweaks and see what happens. Changes in Power, Weight, Tires and Aerodynamics will have a direct effect on performance points. The second set is more for advanced drivers but some changes here may help in regards to car control.
  • on the race track never tune your gear ratio so you never reach top speed you should always be able to reach top sped or just miss it on every track this will give you an even ration for the circuit. also generally lower and stifen the suspension this is all differant for every car most sould bve lowered to nearly lowest set at 8 or 9 stiffness.