Expert PSP help needed (someone who has taken apart their psp before)
  • joystick problems. its not the analog, nor is it the rubber thing under it connecting it to the circuit board. i have confirmed this by taking out the analog and the rubber conductor, then turning it on. its like its stuck on down sometimes left. i can not find ANYONE even refering to the rubber piece, muchless what goes on under it, so i cant even find help anywhere. my psp was already past warrenty so i had no problems taking it apart. i fear im going to have to get a new psp.
  • i think it might be the rubber thing, i just flipped it over and the directions are now reversed.... i will experiment more and report back after
  • ok its not the rubber piece, but i found out that if i put some pressure (heavy pressure) inbetween the joystick and the screen it works fine. that would be great only thing is i cant push there, use the joystick and push buttons all at the same time. if anyone could help me figure out whats wrong, or know of a way how i could repair this, (tape doesnt work not enough pressure) im willing to resort to crude means to fix this problem
  • Sounds like the contact for going left is stuck. With a bit of digging you should be able to find a replacement stick assembly for the system (a Google for PSP parts should do the trick).
  • already found a bunch of replacement sticks for cheap as 12 bucks but what good is that gunna do if thats not really the problem? ive started up my psp and the game without the analog in place or the rubber thing and it does the same thing. the only time it stoped is when i push really hard on the 4 metal .."thingys" together
  • I'm not talking the sticks themselves, i mean the contacts the stick hits to actually transmit the moves to the motherboard.

    If I were you i would buy myself a new PSP to get the gaming going again (as well as have the one year warranty) and then keep the older one for "experimentation" in regards to fixing up.