Network error (-612).
  • When I tried to play online, it was connecting and then said Network Error
    (-612). There was no response from the DNS server. How can I fix this because I can't play any games online, I have my network hooked up to the router and goes through the DSL modem. When I do the test settings it say succesful but when I go to play a game online, it doesn't let me. I have a ps2 slim.
  • That error normally means you have the DNS Server address IPs wrong or the system can't get the correct ones. Go into your router settings and find the correct DNS Addresses then add these into your PS2's settings
  • Hey Lyndon im also trying to get online with my ps2 it is also saying Network error(-612) i just have it hooked up to my modem it worked like 2 times but do you happen to know where i can find my correct DNS addresses?
  • If doing a direct connection to the modem the DNS server addresses are assigned by your internet provider. Check in your computer's internet settings or contact them to get the addresses.