• :redface:
    someone please tell me why i can't get onto socom!!!! i alreAdy installed the configuration disc from my friend ... we played together online next to eachother all the time... i recently moved, went to hook my ps 2 up straight to the modem and it wont let me on anymore even after i've messed with every configuration possible.... am i overlooking something? someone please help so i can get back to kicking some tail back on socom!!!!!!!
  • Your move meant a change to the settings needed to get online. You'll need to go through the configuring again- wipe the current connection off your memory card and use the set up on the SOCOM disc. I would try going all automatic seeing as you are doing a direct connection now. One other bit to try 9if you transferred the ethernet cable from your PC to the PS2) is just power cycle the modem (unplug the power for about 30 seconds and plug it in again) to free up the IP address your modem had assigned at the time.