The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon HELP :)
  • heya.

    i'm just gettin started and i'm already stuck! i'm trying to get to the enchanted forest. i can't climb up the wall... and can't beat the guy at the end of the wind tunnel. please help :(
  • To get up the wall you need to use the "swing" move. SWitch over to whichever of them you have floating free, hold down X and use the left stick to swing back and forth. You should be able to get to the brush to your left- latch on then switch dragons again to do the move one more time to get to the top.
  • the guy at the end of the tunnel is an elite enemy. he is the stronger than the other enemies. i suggest you try to stay a little ways away from him and use cynder's wind cyclone. thats what i did :)