Legacy Of Kain Soul Reaver
  • <_< hi does anyone know how to get past the sanctuary of the calns on soul reaver legacy of kain it is where the spider vampires are if anyone has any tip please email me at [email]j13caleb@hotmail.com.au[/email] by the way my name is caleb jeffrey bye.
  • the big room with huge pipes and a big hole in the middle- go to the spirit world and the huge pipe on the left will change shape so you can walk up it. Use the glowing circle to get back to the real world when you get up there. Solve a couple block puzzles in the rooms above the big hole, activate the fan with two switches, then jump in the hole, use glide and let the air blow you up to the next area (there's a secret area inside the hole but you need the projectile ability to reach it).
    next part: Find the two bells and get them ringing (hit them) at the same time (hit the upper bell, then glide straight over the the lower bell) to break a window. Solve the block puzzles in the rooms near the upper of the two bells. Turn the lever near the broken window then quickly go to the spirit world and go through the door you opened near the lower of the two bells.
    next part: You'll see glass things on the floor near the next big fan. Find the two pipes with three valves that sound different notes depending which valves are opened. Get the right notes and it will break the glass around the switches. Move the four switches to activate the big fan, use glide again to go up further.
    last part: find three knobs that let steam into the pipes, fix the pipes, use the steam to float up to the final area.