cod online problems
  • I’ve searched and read many forums and articles about ps3 call of duty online issues..unfortunately I’m experiencing similar ones but I can’t figure it out and it’s extremely frustrating. I have a ps3 80gb with the new call of duty connected with hi speed cable. Our isp hooked the cable up with a Netgear router but it’s a combo modem/router (NetGear Model: CG814GCMR). The cable is 10mb down / 1mb up with 100% signal strength. Every time I get online with call of duty I enter a game by myself waiting for other players knowing it basically didn’t work. I’ve gone through the manual setup of establishing a static ip on my ps3 I’ve assigned it…knowing I need it to be out the DHCP range but I don’t really know my DHCP range or how to determine it. In addition, I’ve used - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall to open ports for call of duty (28960), in the past I used (3054), and the Playstation Network ports (80,443,5223,3478,3478,3658) designated to that static ip address. Also, I’ve tried setting up a DMZ host which seems very simple because the router settings has a DMZ host tab which has a box that says “Respond to ping on WAN port” then a box to enter the static ip address. Seems simple and I’ve applied it but it hasn’t work. We’ve tried wireless and wired connections with dynamic ips and static ips. I’ve also ran network setup many times through the easy configuration and custom in different ways. Although it has worked a couple times as in 3 or 4 times and I can’t exactly remember but I’m pretty sure it was using a dynamic ip address. I’ve gone through trial and error like a mother..and nothing seems to consistently work. Every single one of my other games works online. I successfully connect to the internet everytime and it's always under NAT2. Either it’s a very simple issue I’m overlooking or something I’ve never heard of. All in all I feel like I need to just replace the dual action router thing and get a modem and a decent Linksys router, but this is most of the background I can offer and I hope someone can figure out what the hell is wrong..

    Netgear 54mbps Wireless Internet Gateway (Model: CG814GCMR)
    Cable isp 10mb down/1mb up
  • You may need to open more ports yet, project- I have them all listed in the thread pinned at the top of this section.