PS3 won't connect online
  • I'm fairly rubbish with computers so if I've made a glaring mistake I apologise but as far as I can tell i've done everything right but my PS3 won't go online. I have a wired Virgin Media connection with Webstar modem and bought an ethernet cable. Originally the PS3 wouldn't find the IP address so I entered all of it manually (which i'm 95% sure I got right!) and not it says it obtains the IP address and fails to make a connection - error 80710102.

    I've unplugged the modem and then switched it back on but to no avail. I've heard Sony are useless to call so can anyone suggest something as I'm really eager to play my new games online!
  • There's more than likely still a problem with the settings, the DNS Numbers probably. To make sure, you should ring Virgin Media and ask them to give you the right DNS numbers and then input those on your PS3.