Socom Us Navy Seals
  • In the cheats,it stated that if you say," Team low profile " that they'll go and kill all the bad guys, is this cheat for online game only ? because I'am playing in individual mode and my response in my headset saids, " going cold sir or ceasing fire ". Am I doing something wrong ? Also, to whom this may concern, I have downloaded the free cheatbook for PS2 that is available from this site BUT, it doesn't contain the cheats for RED FACTION, RED FACTION 2 NOR SOCOM US NAVY SEALS AND SOCOM 2, what happend to them ? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You for your time and consideration in this matter.

    P.S. I'am using the sony playstation 2 console.:(
  • Actually, the low profile command would be to get the team to lay low- you aren't doing anything wrong, it was just phrased wrong by whoever submitted that.

    As for the cheat book, it will eventually be getting an update as there are a number of games missing besides the ones you list. Can't give any sort of timeframe on that, however.
  • thank you for letting me know but,it has been awhile since my last visit and would like to know if the free ps2 cheatbook has been updated and if so,where do I go to download it. Again thank you so very much.