Network help, defective ps3 network hardware?
  • Hello,

    Im new to this forum and have gone on the searches within this forum and have found similar problems to mine but not exactly. i am thinking it is a hardware issue but would like this community's input. :confused:


    I've had my playstation for about 6 months, dont play it all that often but with the new COD world at war out. i planned to bum at home all day on it.

    Here is the issue, i cant connect online via WIRED or WIRELESS!

    Wired tried:
    Tried everything changing cables, going directly to the modem, restarted the router, and the light doesnt turn on the ps3 when i connect the cable.

    Wireless tried:
    i cant find an access point. I live in a condo so there are quite a few SSID's to connect to but it doesnt want to find anything in the scan mode. entered my wifi info manually and it fails to obtain the ip address "The connection the access point timed out"

    I prefer a wired connection but its not an issue as long as it get this working..

    Here's the funny thing. It happened before and when i tried to fix it before it just started working randomly. I was happy, a few days later i turned it on, same problem. Now it just doesnt work at all. Please help! thanks!
  • It is somewhat possible the ethernet port and wi-fi on the PS3 are acting up- if this was the case you would still be well within the one year warranty to get the system fixed/ replaced. Let's try to get things working via the router, though, before sending you down that route.

    First, i would definitely go with a wired connection via the router.First thing i would check is in the MAC Address filter of the router- if your PS3 isn't on the router's "whitelist" (allowed devices) add the MAC Address of the PS3 in here. You'l find it by going Setings> System Settings> System Information on the PS3.

    Now, while you are into the router settings head for wherever your connection summary would be (may be called "connection", "summary" or "status" depending on your router). I want you to write down the IP address of the router as well as the Subnet Mask number and the DNS Server addresses. Also, if your router allows it, i would say reserve an IP address for it in the DHCP Client List (let me know your brand and model of router if you aren't sure you have this, I can look it up). If you are able to do this, copy down the address you are saving.

    With all of these numbers in tow, go into the PS3's Network Settings (bottom of the Settings menu), delete whatever connection you have set up currently and start from scratch. Select a wired connection and add in all of the information you have written down. If all of the numbers are in correctly you should have no problems getting the connection.

    Once this is done you will likely want to go back into the router settings to set up the port forwarding. The pinned thread at the top here will have the ports needed as well as a link to a site with the how-to of entering the numbers if you aren't sure.
  • Hey, thanks for the reply / help! :)

    Unfortunately nothing seems to be working. Set up the MAC address on the router, DNS stuff, i think. I've got a belkin F5D8233-4 router. I looked it up on portforwarding dot com and followed their guide. Nothing. Im pretty sure its a hardware issue, althought i hope not. The reason i think its a hardware issue is because the wired connection AND the wifi connections arent working.

    Oh. I get error code 80010201 with a wired connection.