PSP doesn't turn on
  • Hi guys my psp doesn't turn ON, when I try to turn it on the green light appear and immediatly turn off, no sound no screen dosen't work at all.
    I try to charge the battery many times but still the same problem the power light appear once and turn off immediatly.
    anyone can help me out so I can have the pleasure to play again after more then one month of inactivity?

  • I would suggest trying another battery in the PSP (or try your battery in a friend's PSP) because it sounds like either the battery itself has something wrong or your PSP is having problems with the battery power not getting to the motherboard. You may need to contact Sony about repairs if the battery swap does nothing.
  • Another suggestion would be to take it apart... Sounds difficult but its not THAT difficult... Its possible you dropped you PSP and now it is not turning on! Easily fixed if you know how to take it apart... There is a plastic thing in the PSP... And when some people drop it that comes loose... And then won't turn on. I can't give you exact details on how to do it. But look it up on youtube "My psp won't turn on" i'm sure you'll find it! (If thats not the case I would go with what Lyndon said)