Have NAT 2, need NAT 3?
  • Hi, I have my PS3 hardwired with a powerline adapter. It gets online with no problem and signs on to my account. When I go to play online or get an update to a game, it always times out. If I do manage to get an online game started, the gameplay is very slow before it disconnects after a couple minutes.

    I'm assuming I need to get NAT 3 but not sure. When connecting, I set everything to automatic when reading my settings.

    Any help would be much appreciated....
  • No, NAT 2 is the preferred mode- NAT 3 is too secure as it has all of the ports closed.

    If you have a router in place between the powerline adapter and your modem you may need to go into its settings on the computer and open specific ports for the PS3- I've listed these in the pinned thread at the top of this section. You may also need to alter some settings on the PS3 itself such as entering your DNS addresses (which can be found in the router as well).