Need Help Logging Onto Internet with ps3
  • ok so i have a ps3 and when i bought it it would log onto the internet no worries. Then we decided to get a new router and as soon as we did it stopped logging on and ever since have had major troubles. I have even resorted to manually putting in every detail which has been time consuming. The ps3 continuously says that the ip address has been timed out or that there is a DNS error. It will log on now sometimes at random times and others it wont. its really frustrating as the strength is 45% so im thinking it should connect please help!
  • 45%?? That is not nearly enough for a consistent signal wirelessly and would be the main reason why you are having problems. If the two are close enough together you will want to consider using a wired connection or pick up a range extender to hep strengthen the wireless signal.