i want to know something...please???!!!!
  • ok....yeah i'm nob as you know i have a lot of problems with the psp but i just to know about the softwares......

    the official software comes with a thing called (M33)
    but i've recently downlaoded the new software or firmware it's called

    5.00 (M33-3)

    can it be a official firmware????

    and can it run games with an ISO format???
  • If the source of the firmware is other than Sony then it isn't necessarily official firmware (for the record, when we do link to firmware we link directly to Sony's download link). Seeing the M33 on the end is a sure sign it has been modified in some way and is not the actual Sony release. Sony's firmware always comes as a file called EBOOT.PHP and does not have the version number listed.

    The actual Sony firmware will run downloaded PSP games purchased from the PlayStation Store but it would not run games copied illegally (the ISO format). Due to this being the nature of the thread I'll have no choice but to lock this up.
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