Old PS2 (not slim) not reading PlayStation games
  • So, I got a hankering recently to play one of my favourite PlayStation games, hell, favourite video games ever, Front Mission 3. So, "tonight", after finishing an essay, I popped FM3 in to my PS2 and I get the screen that shows up when it doesn't know what kind of disc you put in the machine, "Please insert a Playstation or PS2 format disk". So, I cleaned the already near spotless disk and tried again...same message.

    I know the game used to work on my PS2 and I'm bloody confused. I tried the game many times and now I'm just kinda feeling depressed. My old PlayStation is kinda broken at the moment, after lending it to a friend a while ago, and I'm actually kind afraid to put any other PlayStation games in there...worried it wont recognize any of the games it used to...

    Anybody have a simmilar problem before? Anybody know how to fix this?
  • try cleaning the eye of it. and clean out any dust.