PSN Account creation
  • Hello everyone,

    I have a Netgear router and comcast high speed internet as my provider.

    Threw my PS3 I get an internet connection and i am able to browse the browser on my PS3. I even able to perform internet connection test and everything comes out connected and online. my Ps3 picks up my router and connection just fine. My security is Wpa-personal is this stopping me from connecting PSN if so what should i do to fix this..?? What is exactly happening. I get connection to my browser on my ps3 as stated before everything is fine until i try to Create an account because im a new user on PSN i click "Create New Account and username" or whatever and it loads for about 3-4 minutes and then error 80710541 pops up saying connection to server timed out. what should i do..??

    the problem comes in when i try to proceed to connect to PSN to create a user account the welcome screen comes up and as i try to connect it loads for a while and then says "Server connection timed out" I cant even get past the welcoming screen.

    Please help
    call of duty is calling me.
  • Blaq, it is the router settings keeping you from connecting to the PSN to get a user name set up. You'll need to open specific ports to let the traffic through- check out the pinned thread at the top for the ports needed.
  • my ps3 does not let me log in on playstation network why?
  • Same answer as above, doubleo7. You'll need to adjust some settings in your router to let the PSN traffic through.
  • I had similar problem and solved it by enabling NAT on my wireless router.