• Can someone please help.
  • Yes I was sad enough to play this game and if I remember correctly you just follow the arrow to where it's pointing and it takes you in automatically, but if there are cops on your arse it won't work you have to lose them first, hope this helps.
  • Deathincarnate is spot on, you cant just get to your destination and hope the cops disappear if they are on your a*s. Losing the cops is easy, plan your route; take long roads with plenty of things (oncoming traffic and parked vehicles) in the way and lure them into them; zig zag in and out of traffic and turn often.

    I wish i could be of more help but i clocked this game in a night and returned it the next day (and got my money back) so my memory of mission levels is vague. The sad thing is this game could of been top if the missions in it were anything like 'The Getaway'; the only mission worth playing in the entire game.