FIFA 09 - serious audio and loading problem
  • ive got a PS3 and have recently noticed that FIFA 09 is stuffing up. The audio drops in and out with slight differences, ie sometimes the only noise is that of the ball being kicked, or other times it includes crowd reactions to the ball being kicked then at other times it is full audio with commentary. It is also now suffering from the much more serious problem of not loading at half time. The back ground screen appears (the moving around the stadium) but the stats box does not appear and i cannot continue no matter what button i press, except to turn it off using the 'PS' button. This does not happen all the time. some times it works fine, other times it may take 10 seconds for the stats box to appear and i can continue as usual, but mostly it just never allows me to continue. i checked the disc for scratches and couldn't see any. so is it a dodgy disc or is it my PS3? please help!!!!
  • Has it only been this game acting up? If so it may well be the game itself. You may want to try deleting the game data from the Game Data folder in the PS3's Game menu and see if this helps.
  • i got the same problem man. every day it gets worse now i cant even load matches when ever i press start after the loading up stage in the arena it joes goes black. i used to solve it before by giving my ps3 a few hits. but now that aint even working. its starting to get to my other games (maybe its something to do with the blue ray drive?)