2 Ps2's Online At Same Time
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    I have two PS2's and want to get them both online at the same time (SOCOM) so that I can play with my son. I have eternet adp. for both and two game disks. I can get both on line seperately but If I have one connected the other gives me a network failure when trying to connect. I've tried everything I can think of. I don't know if the problem is with the modem,router, or with Socom. Please help.......... :wacko:
  • There are a few thing that it could be. My first guess would be you need a second ip address. Phone your isp and find out how many ip addreses you get. Quite often you only get one and need to pay 10.00 for a second one. With only one ip address you would only be able to get one PS2 a time online.

    If you are playing SOCOM I play as EvilAaron usually in US west or west1 in Evil Map Mix or Evil Canadian, drop in if you wish.

    PS check the Sony SOCOM forum and Sony Network Adapter forum for fast diverse help on getting SOCOM problems fixed. There are lots of different brands of modems/router/hubs and isp's that have different needs. There is usually someone that has had the problem and is willing to help.

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