i can't get online anymore, is it a DNAS problem?
  • Hi,
    My names will and I am a constant online gamer, Yesterday I went to get online with Smackdown vs Raw 2007 and my PS2 connected perfectly until the DNAS verification then it told me to check connection and try again.

    I also tried to update my codebreaker and that did the same thing, it connected perfectly, reading the online codelists and everything but when I went to update it tells me to check connection.

    I even tried disconnecting my E-Net cable to see if I was connecting at all and when i did I couldn't even view the lists so I know I am connecting half way.

    It seems like my PS2 can receive information such as the codelist for my cheat disk (Codebreaker), but it has a problem sending information, or vice versa

    I have tried rebooting the modem, I even tried connecting my computer ethernet cable to the game then rebooting the modem and it still wont connect.

    Do you think it is a DNAS problem or something or what, because I have been playing online for several years now and I have never ran into this problem.

    Please reply to [email]mr.happy_21@yahoo.com[/email] with any advice, I have asked alot of people, I even asked at the official Sony website and nobody seems to know,.......Please Help

    Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.

  • No, it isn't a DNAS problem. Most likely the server for the 2007 game was shut down and retooled for use with one of the more recent versions of the game- it's a somewhat common practice with these sort of games. You may have to settle for offline play with it and look into the more recent editions.