Can't access downloads!
  • I purchased my 40GB PS3 secondhand over the summer. One of the perks of buying from the person I got it from was that he had purchased over $100 of downloads from the Playstation Network.

    I mistakenly erased his username and now, despite the items still being on the PS3 and taking up the hard drive, I am unable to access any of the items that he had downloaded.

    Unfortunately, I don't know how to get a hold him to set up his username again. Is there ANY way to access these downloads once again??

    Thanks for your help!
  • I'm afraid that without being able to get in contact with the previous owner you are out of luck. Sorry, ksshp. :(
  • This seems so ridiculous since the files are still on the Playstation. I mean, I can see the songs in Rock Band that were downloaded, and even hear the song previews, I just can't play them. There's no way to hack into them? :D

    Is there anyway to delete all of the downloads to free up space?
  • Thing is, the downloads are tied to the PSN ID that purchased them. This was done to curb some of the rampant game-trading that seems to be a bit too prevalent (some people are way too trusting with their PSN info).

    You can still delete the data- in the Game Data folder you would need to highlight each one, hit triangle and select "delete". Same with any game saves in the Saved data folder. As for the games themselves, you can delete those too in the same way.
  • so sad. thanks though