The Bog Of The Forgotten
  • How Do You Beat The Barbarian Pressing The O Button Is To Fast To Do Is They A Cheat To Beat Him all this is on god of war 2
  • Make sure to roll away from the horse at the beginning of the battle since it will try to ram you first thing! While the Barbarian is on the horse, watch for his horse to rear up on its hind legs and race toward you. The ram and mallet smack that follow are unblockable so you need to roll before the horse reaches you. The arrows that the Barbarian shoots are blockable, but everything else isn't.

    He starts the battle with several souls surrounding him that will protect him from harm. Set some lightning spheres around the area with Chronos' Rage when close to the Barbarian and attack him with some quick [] attacks. One good idea is to set one up right when he starts to charge you then roll out of way while he dashes straight into the lightning sphere. The souls around him will release blue orbs while they scatter away from him, so don't worry too much about magic. While attacking the Barbarian at close range, watch for his horse to rear up on its hind legs then make sure to roll out of the way as the Barbarian performs his hammer swing - that's always the signal to roll. When the O button appears above him, start the Action Sequence move to quickly get rid of his horse.

    Once the horse is dead he will start a whole new set of attacks and start to summon Dead Barbarians to help him out. He will move under the ground and appear in the middle portion of the platform then start to summon Dead Barbarians. The Dead Barbarians will usually attack by grabbing ahold of Kratos and squeezing him to death. Shake the left analog to the right and left to break free from their hold. They also have a sword attack. The Dead Barbarians can be killed with a simple grab or will fall within a few attacks. One of the Dead Barbarians in the third wave looks a bit different than the others...hmm. If you played the first God of War, you should get the reference. Kill the captain that appears to get some green orbs instead of blue.

    All of the Barbarian King's attacks are blockable during this phase of the fight and you will have to block very quickly to escape some of his attacks. Chronos' Rage is a godsend during this phase since it will help to hit all enemies on the platform. Grab the Dead Barbarians for one hit kills. The Barbarian King does not even need to be hit during this phase - all that is required is that you kill all the Dead Barbarians that he summons.

    After enough hits, the Barbarian King will release the souls and shrink back down. He will only keep the energy wave move from the second phase and will add some new moves to his arsenal. His physical attacks can still be blocked at this point, but be prepared to roll away from him whenever he starts to gather souls then roll toward him as he releases them since they are
    unblockable. Rolling toward him as he releases the souls will make them fly right over Kratos and curve downward into the floor. He will also sneak in a counter attack (upward swing) after he has blocked a few of your hits, so be prepared to block it when he starts to guard. Very, very rarely, he will sneak in his energy wave move from the second battle, so be ready to block the energy
    wave as he hits the ground with his hammer.