the ps2's blue light doesnt turn on
  • i was playing a game and suddenly the ps2 froze
    i waited a little and turned if off (from the back)
    turned it back on (red light) pressed the red light and it turned green but
    the cd button didnt turn on (blue) and there was no video output (the screen was black but nothing went on the screen)

    the interesting thing is that i press the cd button and the console will turn on but the light(blue) wont (the same thing happens with the video output(black screen))

    any help?
  • Sounds like the CD drive may have bit the big one. You may need to contact Sony on this one.
  • so i need to replace my cd drive?
    and then it will work?

  • It is quite possible that is the case. If it is I would recommend contacting Sony's customer service to ask them about the situation- they would know for sure what the cause may be and if the system needs to be sent in for repair.
  • i already spoke to them they said i would have to send it in for repair
    but i opened it cause on another forum it said to reconnect the wirers

    do u know exactly what the problem is on the cd drive?
    can i replace that small piece and it would work or do i have to replace the whole drive?

    thanx a lot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • The whole drive would likely have to be replaced, in which case it's best to let the people that know the system inside and out take care of it. There may be other things gone bad inside as well.
  • thanks

    i have been looking for the answer for 2 months now :) :)