My Account wont work!!
  • okaay so i was playing cod 5 one night and i had just gotten second prestige. So i turned it off for the night like I usually do. I woke up in the morning and i turned on my ps3 and logged on to my account. i clicked call of duty waw and it said loading at the bottom left screen and then the screen went black and it wouldnt turn on. its bin doing it ever since 5 days ago. I can go on any other game like rock band 2 with my account but just not cod waw. I asked someone what to do and they said just take ur user and put it onto another account but i cant remember my password or all my questions cause i made it a year ago. then when i tryed just clicking switch to other user it started loading then said data corrupted. I really need help i really want my account back, what can i do!!??
  • yeah,the same thing happened to me two nights ps3 crashed and i had my rock band dlc and cod profiles on there it deleted both of my accounts and i had auto sign-in so i dont remember my e-mail or password if theres any solution please get back to me asap thanks......
  • If you can't remember your info you may have to contact Sony's Customer Service- once you are able to verify some other bits of information they would have on file (stuff like address, birth date, etc.) they could give you the information.