Playstation network connection
  • Really sorry if this has been posted before, yet I couldn't find anything. Forgive me if its repetitive.

    My ps3 connects to the internet (wireless) and it brings up the internet browser. However previous to Sunday I was able to access the Playation Network though now I can't. Nothing has been changed to my router or the way my internet is set up and connects, it just happened after we tried to get it to locate TVersity (which it didn't pick up so if there's help with that I'll take it too!)

    I'd really like to connect to the psnetwork again as its restricting me and I don't like it. Makes me angry.

    Please help me?
  • Sometimes situations like this require a simple solution- try a power cycle of the router and modem. Sometimes the devices will get a "brain freeze" and start blocking up, this usually fixes it up.
  • YAY success! Thank you very much!!

    You wouldn't be able to help me with my TVersity problem as well by any chance?

    Thanks again!