A Noobie Technical Question !
  • My goodness - I now have a PS3 80 Gb Playstation and need a bit of help.

    It is a simple question that may need a little step-by-step handholding !

    It's just this:

    How do I move JPG pictures from a USB memory stick into a photo - playlist folder for slide show presentation?

    I was able to create a photo folder and install a few JPG pictures directly from the internet web, but I'm struggling to transfer pictures into my PS3 fron thr USB port !

    Can anybody help ?
  • It's a simple process, really.

    Once you have the photos on the USB stick plug it into the PS3 and go into the Photo section. You should see an icon in the menu here for the USB stick. Highlight the folder and hit the triangle button- you should see 'copy" in the options. Select this with X to copy the folder and its contents to the PS3.