Need help with software
  • Hey guys,

    I need help with the right combination of software for my psp...
    I have the first generation psp (thick one) upgraded to 5.02, with a 4 gb memory stick and I'm still getting the not enough memory icon on all apps in the browser..... I need to know if its my internal memory that needs to be upgraded and can it be done.

    I CANT play ANY videos on it,
    I cant update the flash player
    I cant add video or music with psp video 9 you tube downloader or switch sound file converter!!!!

    I've gone to gamestop and have instructed me I have a software problem, so it might be I need to the update I have...... I'm clueless at the moment
    Please advice me what to do, I want to use my psp to its full potential!!!

  • The internal memory cannot be upgraded on your own- this would be built into the main motherboard of the system. Something else to keep in mind is some of the upgrades (Skype, as an example) were meant for use on the slim PSP and not the original as they did give it a bit of a memory boost.

    You would be best off contacting Sony regarding this- it's possible the firmware update did not quite go as smoothly as it should have.