Top SPin 3 Freezez During Online Play
  • I have a new disk of Top SPin 3, it freezes all the time. Can someone please please please help!!!
  • Going to need a bit more information about your set up, eyedea. Are you connecting wirelessly? If so, what sort of signal strength have you got?
  • I have excellent signal strength.......i play Metal Gear 4 and Rainbow Six Vegas 2 online without any problems. 2k support said something about changing the PORTS on the router. 88 (UDP)/3048 (TCP-UDP)I'm not sure exactly sure what all that means or how to do any of it. I'm very frustrated because TS3 is the greatest game ever......plesae help!!!!
  • I forgot to add that i am connected PS3 is downsatirs, my router is upstairs.
  • What they meant was you will need to open those specific ports in the router settings. Head over to [url=http://www.portforward.comPort Forward[/url] and find the model of router you have, select it and click on "PlayStation Network" amongst the various items they give instructions to do this for. Just follow their lead and enter in the ports that 2K listed, save your settings and you should be fine.[/b]