Prince Of Persia
  • Let's hear about your likes/ dislikes about Prince Of Persia, which was just released for the PS3 (and that "other" console :p ).
  • I get to go first eh :p
    Well its got sh*t graphics, but the gameplay is sick!!!
    With Elika you can do more stuff, like jump farther away and she protects you all the time, and helps you in combat.
    Overall I give his game a 85% rating.(from my opinion)
  • I like the look of the game but I have got completely stuck very early on - so at the big cliff face, I slide down and there is nothing there! I have tried it about 50 times and it's always the same - I die and am pulled back to the same place - very frustrating!

    Anybody else has this or know where I am going wrong?

    It is more of an adventure/RPG feel and very beautiful locations. It is almost too responsive and you have to get used to the controls...?

    A great showcase for PS3.